5 trends you should wear this summer!

5 trends you should wear this summer!

Hi girls! Summer is already here and you’re probably lost in between trends here and there. Don’t worry, we have your back on this like every year. We spotted 5 trends that you will probably like and wear for your vacation, day swims at the beach and date nights.

1 – Off the shoulder: this trend came back last year an everyone approved. Either it’s a dress, a playsuit or just a top, this trend gives you a very feminine look and would flatter your neckline.


2 – Dress over t-shirt: so 90s! You need to be so dary to wear it. It’s one of the great ways to bring life back to one of your unworn dresses. Just grab a white t-shirt and wear it underneath that forgotten dress then add sneakers for a rebel look 🙂


3 – Jupe-culottes: okay, we personally love this trend and you might’ve noticed it from last summer posts. This year again, it’s trendy and we could not be more happy.


4 – Embroidered bomber jackets: a versatile piece any fashionista should own, end of story! It’s definitely not a summer piece but you can wear it during cold nights sitting near the beach 🙂


5 – Round mirrored sunglasses: mirrored sunglasses have been there for a while, any shape is trendy anytime but this summer, round ones won the battle.


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