Argapur for Girl Power

Argapur for Girl Power

How many of you girls don’t care about their appearance when it comes to skin, hair and so on? I, myself was one and I know many of this kind and today’s post is to actually motivate you to start taking care of yourself with natural and very affordable products because yes, natural products work too and sometimes better even if the process is said to be slower but you get great results.

It all starts if you pick two days of the week to apply a customized mask on your face, if you remove your makeup using a DIY makeup remover, if you exfoliate your body with a natural based exfoliator and so many other ideas. Bottom line is, everything is possible with natural products too.

Argapur is a brand that is all about that. It offers a wide range of products based with local argan oil, organic rose water and black soaps that suit all tastes. Each woman can find a product for her skin/hair type and to help you pick the right product for the right use, here are a few tips of how and what you can mix and match.

– Rose Water & White/Green Clay as mask for sensitive/oily skin: It cleans the skin deeply and it brightens certain areas of the face.

– Rose Water & Argan Oil as a makeup remover: This combo is very known to remove makeup easily and leave the face well hydrated.

– Argan Oil for dry haid ends

– Rose Water to refresh your face in the morning or to set your makeup

– Black soap with Mentol to exfoliate your body for a softer skin

The list is long and the benefits are large! So set up your routine starting from now and avoid laziness because when you take care of yourself, your skin and your body, it shows up on the outside but on the inside too 😉

I hope this post was helpful to some of you! If you’re an adept of local natural products, let us know what your routine is and make us discover your routines:)

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