Sexy Hair Products Review Pt.2

BEAUTY November 28, 2016 0 Comments

Hi guys, tonight’s post is the second part of the Sexy Hair products review! As you all know and if you follow us on Social Media, you know that a while ago, we received a package from the brand and each one of us had specific products to try. I had to try 5 products but I will only review 3 because one is going to be reviewed next and the other didn’t meet my expectations 😉

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Cosmetista Expo

BEAUTY LIFESTYLE October 7, 2016 0 Comments

What is the Cosmetista Expo? – It’s a platfom for professionnals working in beauty and cosmetics. – It’s going to be held in Casablanca from 15 to 18 October 2016 in La Foire de Casablanca near Hassan II Mosque. – More than 50 brands will be there from beauty, haircare, nailcare, spa, … – They will be having so many…

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Babé Vitance ANTI-OX Vitalising Moisturiser

BEAUTY September 9, 2016 2 Comments

Hello everyone! Today, I’m here to talk about a product that I’ve been using the past few months, which the result is miraculous and I’m actually sad that I finished it. I’m talking about the Vitalising Moisturiser by Laboratoires Babé, it’s a miracle that I needed in my life especially because I have a dull face due to my huge dark circles.

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