Sales = Renewal of our closet

LIFESTYLE January 17, 2012 15 Comments
Hello there!
So as you all know, this is the period of sales, we went to Casablanca, more precisely to Morocco Mall since it’s the only place that regroups all the shops. As usual, we went there looking for so many stuff but the finds were something else, we’d say that we found more than our expectations this time, thank God!

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LIFESTYLE January 7, 2012 22 Comments
 Yes, we made it! Today is the first anniversary of our blog, we’re so happy to share it with you dear viewers and readers. This has been a quit long but fun journey, through it we learned so many things about fashion, we met so many people that share the fashion passion, there were ups and downs of course but as you all know, in fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. This journey and beautiful adventure is not ready to end, it continues because of you all, because of your encouragement.

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