Cosmetista Expo

Cosmetista Expo

What is the Cosmetista Expo?
– It’s a platfom for professionnals working in beauty and cosmetics.
– It’s going to be held in Casablanca from 15 to 18 October 2016 in La Foire de Casablanca near Hassan II Mosque.
– More than 50 brands will be there from beauty, haircare, nailcare, spa, …
– They will be having so many activities such as hair demos, nail experts, conferences by professionnals working for famous brands and so many other things.

Why we are attending the Cosmetista Expo?
– Because we love beauty & cosmetics.
– Because we’re excited to discover the new trends in terms of beauty.
– Because we’re excited to network and meet the different brands that will be there.
– Because there will be conferences held by the most famous professionnals working in beauty.

Why you should come to the Cosmetista Expo?
– Because we’re going to have a meet-up there.
– Because you will be able to take advantage of the experiences of different exhibiting professionnals and attend different lectures.
– Because you can have your hair done, your nails done and so many other things.

Of course, the Cosmetista Expo is open to the public. The tickets will be available at the entrance. See you there soon 🙂

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