Essaouira Escape – What I learned from Travelling Alone

Essaouira Escape – What I learned from Travelling Alone

Travelling alone was one of my 2018 goals and now it’s off the bucket list! I took a week off from work and was confused about the whole idea. I was asking myself all kinds of questions: where should I go? can I do it by myself? will I get bored? will I be able to talk to strangers? Let’s discover what happened during my few days at Essaouira, the city of wind!

Everyone told me about Essaouira and said I will relax there because the vibe of the city is very chill so I followed my heart and their advices and took the road on Wednesday 28th of March. I was one the road for 10 hours so I will just spare the details. I arrived to my Riad, Riad Inna & Watersports Center around 6:30pm. I got lost before getting there and my body was pretty tired. Once installed, the host brought me some tea to relax and we had a long chat about the city and its surroundings, he gave me a map and wished me a good stay.

The Riad was pretty and my room was very quiet and relaxing, two characteristics I was looking for to enjoy my week off. The vibe was modern Moroccan in Riad Inna, I enjoyed breakfast on the rooftop, walking through the hallways and every single piece of art in this Riad.


Let’s now talk about the city I got lost in almost 4 or 5 times. It’s funny because it’s a small one and people were surprised when I told them I mostly get lost in small cities.

Essaouira is very small, it’s blue, windy and full of foreign people. The Medina, where I was installed, is very quiet by day as well as by night.  It’s surrounded by beaches and is full of shops, riads and restaurants. One thing was sure, I did not have an issue finding where and what to eat. But that’s not about it, Essaouira is known for Argan industry. I thought it was Agadir but turns out Essaouira too. Every 2mins, I found a shop where they sell products based of this oil. I also appreciated the fact that Moroccan craft is very much appreciated so I got myself a necklace as a souvenir from the city. That’s something special about me, wherever I go, I get something small even though I will not be necessary wearing it.


I went to several places. The Sqala, the Port, Place Moulay Hassan and then the iconic restaurants such as Taros that I hated and then Mega Loft that, on the other hand, I fell in love with and that I recommend 100%. I also went to Dolce Freddo for some gelato, to Ocean Vagabond, a very chill place that’s in front of the beach, the beach itself so many times to clear my mind, Mactoob for my last sandwich at the city and some other places that I couldn’t document because either my phone/camera were low on battery or because I just needed to disconnect.

My food experiences were honestly all good and I have to admit that wherever you will go in Essaouira, you will find what your heart/stomach desires.


That being said, I dealed with some funny yet testing situations… My iPhone charger broke before arriving to the city, I met a few Moroccans that thought I was American lol, I walked with a stranger who guessed my name right after asking for it and I got fooled by Google Maps several times. These very situations taught me a lot. I learned to be patient, not to be afraid when alone, to never give up on a destination and never get discouraged about the idea of travelling alone and talking to strangers when lost because I will always find my way.

ps: Apologies for not being able to post on the blog. Truth is lately, everything is about Instagram. Everyone claims to be a blogger but do not actually have or manage a blog. No one takes the time to read a blog post and it’s all about seing and scrolling. But, I always loved to do it the oldschool way and write a good old blog post because it allows me to keep track on what I did and what I was thinking at some point of my life. It’s a journal 🙂

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