First W7 Products

First W7 Products

Long time no beauty products review! I have trying been so many stuff lately and I always forget to review them but I guess I will be back to doing that since I love beauty and I am passionate about it.

Today I am reviewing 3 products from a cosmetics brand I always wanted to try. I heard so many things about it and one of the things that catched my attention was the fact that the products are the perfect dupes for Benefit cosmetics. You guessed it, I am talking about W7. This brand launched a year ago or so in Morocco and it got my attention.

Once it was available in my city, I had to run and get a few products. I will stop rambling and get into the review.

Honolulu Bronzer – 70dhs:
I am in love with this bronzer, it’s very pigmented, buildable and easy to blend. I find the color very suitable for my skin tone so if you’re a light skin girl, you might find it very dark. I like the packaging because it’s not messy and God knows how crazy I get when my make-up products get dirty. I don’t like the brush that comes with it though, it’s soft and all but I don’t find it useful for bronzer application. I like the bronzy glowy finish it adds to my make-up. Overall, Honolulu changed the contouring/bronzing method I use everyday and even my friends noticed it.


Banana Dreams Loose Powder – 60dhs:
Hanae bought it because she needed a loose powder to set her concealer with and I started using it with her. It’s great for setting your face with especially when you have oily skin but I am not sure because it gets very dry as the day goes on. I am also not sure if it’s great to apply with a brush or should I apply it with a sponge? Let me know if you have it and what is the perfect method to use it with.


Glowcomotion Highlighter – 75dhs:
Would you believe if I tell you I don’t like highlighter? I mean I don’t hate it but I never found a highlighter that’s perfect for my skin tone and that is not patchy. When I first saw and swatched this one, I told myself “why not give it a try?“. That’s what I did and I am not mad at myself. I will not say it’s the perfect highlighter but that’s a good start for me. I am still trying to find the perfect way to apply it. It’s very shimmery, the pigmentation is there and I am ready to explore other highlighters.


That’s it for this W7 Make-up review. I am dying to know if you already tried this brand and if you like/recommend any other products of this brand. I like the price point and I am open to trying other products 🙂

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