Flare Sleeves

Flare Sleeves

In case you haven’t noticed, flare sleeves are the new iconic shape of the season and tonight’s post is all about this trend. We’re sure so many of you have seen it already on their Instagram feed and were sceptic on whether it’s worth the detour or not!

Well, you are not the only ones guys! We’ve been debating on how dramatic it is at first but over time, it managed to sneak into our must-haves list. Typically: the more you see it, the more you like it right? 😀

Down below are our favorite ways to wear the bell or flare sleeves without being dramatic. We hope you like these looks as much as we do, let us know if this trend is calling your name 🙂

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  • Dalal February 17, 2017 4:45 pm

    The simpler, the better I like No 3

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