Get Ready with US Video

Get Ready with US Video

Hey guys! Today’s post is to let you know that we posted a new video on our Youtube Channel. If you are not subscribed yet, please do! We don’t post that often but we still make sure to not forget about the channel.

This video is very particular this time because we decided to get ready by filming it. We applied our usual and daily make-up and we made sure to chit chat and show you how we do things while talking about everything and nothing. Apologies because the video is long but that is how get ready with me’s usually are, right?

Also, apologies for the quality. We’re still filming with an iphone so the setup is still not the best but you guys love watching us talk so we try to give you that 😀

Also, if you make it til the end of the video then you are a real follower/lover of our work and we thank you for that. Don’t forget to share your favorite make up products with us, either in the comments here or under the Youtube video. Also, don’t forget to tell us what you want to see next on the channel 😀

Enjoy 🙂


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