Halloween Look x Alpha 55

Halloween Look x Alpha 55

Hello! A few weeks ago I was asked to do a collaboration with Alpha 55 store in Casablanca for Halloween that is coming up. The idea seemed fun to me and I accepted. I never celebrate Halloween nor got invited to parties dedicated to this occasion but I was always fascinated by the fact that it’s an occasion where you can dress up, put make-up differently and just have fun. Also, if I was to do it just for fun at home, I would never know where to look for costumes and make-up. I bet some of you are confused too especially if it’s your first time celebrating it and I am happy to answer this question and say that Alpha 55 has everything you need.

I am collaborating with Alpha 55 and showing you two looks. The first one is what I called a Glam Goth Queen and the second one will be a recreation of La Santa Muerte. I have to admit that I am not that good with make-up so I went for two simple looks anyone that sucks at Halloween stuff can achieve easily.

For the Glam Goth Queen, Alpha 55 got me all set up. All I needed was:

1 – A black long dress with cool details on the sleeves and a knot in the back

2 – A chocker with a stone

3 – A black hat 

4 – A black wig because the look won’t mean anything with my curls 

5- And a black flower for the detailing

Last but not least, Malika did my make-up and as I mentionned before, we went for something easy and achievable by anybody. A black smokey eye with black lips and that was it.

If you’re celebrating Halloween this year, let me know which character you want to be and don’t hesitate to check out Alpha 55 for costumes, accessories, make-up and decoration.

Talk to you in my next look! 

A huge thank you to our friend Ilias for the amazing job he did editing the pictures 😉



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