How Ducray Melascreen saved my skin?

How Ducray Melascreen saved my skin?

Hello guys, I hope you’re all doing alright. Today’s post is about a skincare product I have been using for about a month ago. I will be reviewing the Ducray Melascreen anti-spot treatment. It’s a product that helped me a lot with what I have been going through with my skin lately and I wanted to share that with you (this is not sponsored).


People around me know I struggle a lot with acne scars and brown spots especially because I am a woman of color. No foundation or concealer can hide them and they always peek through. Years ago, when I was still going to the dermatologist, he always prescribed an anti dark spots treatment along with sunscreen. It helped getting rid of these so I kept buying this kind of products whenever I felt like my face was exposed to that kind of aggression.

Through the years, I tried so many parapharmacy brands, from La Roche Posay to SVR to HT Derm and so on. All of their treatments worked well for me.

Where I got it?

Lately, Yasmine ordered some skincare products from an online parapharmacy and I was desperately in need of a dark spots treatment. Ducray Melascreen had my eye for a while especially because I never tried this brand. It costs around 286MAD and it was fair for the prince range I was willing to pay for this kind of product.

Final judgment:

– Now to the important part, I will give this product 8 over 10 because it helped me a lot getting rid of some scars especially the ones around my mouth. I would’ve loved to show you the before and after but I am still not comfortable with showing you my skin.

– It’s a local care which means you should apply it directly to the area concerned not your whole face, it’s not a serum nor a night cream so be careful please.

– If you have sensitive skin, avoid this kind of treatments because they have depigmenting actives (azeleic acid and glycolic acid) that burn. I have oily skin and it tolerates this kind of actives.

– Also, this product is to apply at night, not in the morning. Make sure to apply it every night before you sleep for more efficiency.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this product. Will I buy it again? Probably not because I like to change and discover more treatments and you know what they say, when you abuse a product, it kind of doesn’t work anymore 😀 Do I recommand it? DEFINITELY especially if that it worked well for me but please be careful, if it did work for me, it might not for you. Each skin is different and reacts differently to different treatments.

That’s it girlies, I hope you read the whole review. If you ever tried this kind of products and they worked for you, don’t hesitate to tell your story in the comments below 😀

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