Jean d’Aveze Products Review

Jean d’Aveze Products Review

Recently we’ve been approached by a brand called Jean d’Avèze, a brand known by its expertise in anti-aging products and we had the chance to pick what we wanted. All Hanae  wanted a cream that makes the skin glowy and hydrated because she finished he BABE moisturizer and she was looking for something similar since then.
She then chose the AA DAY CREAM from the skincare range, because its ingredients caught her eyes. After a while of using it, her face became radient and brighter and her skin was more soft.

This cream contains a repair complex that protects the skin against any form of external aggression, fights premature skin-aging and stimulates the body’s natural collagen mechanism. It also has glycerine & beewax that is nourishing and protective and horse chestnut & red wine that adds radiance to the skin thanks to its draining action and its ability to prevent and treat skin fragility.

Its texture is buttery and it smells so heavenly good. It comes with a spatula that helps you take the right amount of products. She applies it every night and every morning all over her face and neck and it gives her immediatly a smooth face and a well being sensation. Its price is a bit expensive but it’s such an investment 😉


Yasmine, on the other hand, picked the eye contour area cream. It says to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and it fights drying the eyes. It contains Inca Inchi Oil, Soy Protein and Lactic Ferment. Yasmine liked this cream when it comes to leaving the eye area very hydrated and soft, weither she applied it at night or in the mornig. It helped her concealer apply smoother.

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