Monoï Tiki Oils Review

Monoï Tiki Oils Review

Hello! I hope you’re doing good, this is your girl Hanae reviewing a product for you this time. A few weeks ago, we were sent some products of the brand Monoï Tiki Tahiti. A brand straight from Tahiti and was created in 1942, known by its oils, shampoos, soaps, perfumes and many other products that are 100% natural, free of chemicals and have a wonderful scent that will automatically make you feel like you’re in an island.

We received 5 differents oils: Coconut, Tiaré, Vanilla, Tipanié and Pitaté. Each one has a different sent, obviously but they all have the same finality which is hydration as it finest. They, of course, have ifferent ways of use and this is how I used some of them:

Body for a smooth and soft skin, choose any of these oils, it depends on the smell that you prefer but what is guarenteed is that its scent will send you directly to the beach as mentioned before and will prevent the dry skin.

Face: instead of using an eye makeup remover, replace it with of one these oils. Your skin will thank you for that, trust me. I’ve been using the Tiaré one for weeks and I can feel the difference, my face is smooth like baby skin. Also, since I have a dry under eye, I no longer suffer from that.

Hair: to avoid dry hair, theses oils are highly recommended. As a curly haired girl, I suffer alot, I should always hydrate my hair especially the ends. I’ve been using the Coconut one (finished it so fast) and let me tell you that it’s my favorite one. Its smell is heavenly good, it’s so exotic and it moisturizes the hair very well.

I also like how they melt easily. You can put a small quantity on your hand, heat it and apply it on your skin/hair.

Overall, I am hooked. I am glad I tried the Monoï Tiki oils and I like it when something natural works for me. Can’t wait to discover more products of this brand and talk to you soon!

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