My Oasis Festival 2017 Experience

My Oasis Festival 2017 Experience

Hello there! I hope yall doing well. This article should have been posted 3 weeks ago but I couldn’t find time to write or to edit the video, now it’s finally done and I’m so happy about it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I went to Oasis Festival this year, a festival I’ve been willing to go to since its first edition but couldn’t due to so many things but thank God it finally happened.

Now, what some of you may not know is that i’m into electronic music, I just feel so good & reach a level of happiness that is incredible thanks to it (without drinking hehe) and Oasis Festival was perfect for me especially because I love listening to electronic music outdoors, watch the sunset & feel that breeze at night while dancing.

I’ve been talking about this festival since the beginning of 2017, I annoyed my sisters about it, they were hooked :D. Also, I had the chance to work last year and say money, so I took charge of everything, I paid everything myself without the help of my parents because the ticket was too expensive and I didn’t want to drag anyone in my addiction of going to electronic music parties and gigs.

I went alone the first day, I saw Solomun, the first DJ I watched a boiler room for. It was so worth it cause he looked at me like 5 times, he smiled at me few times and I got the chance to send him kisses, he didn’t hesitate to thank me. He mixed for 9h non-stop, like helloooo, kudos to him for making my day or night 😀

I will not forget to mention the performances of Moroccan DJs such as Amine K & Jaza, two of my favorites, I always encourage & support them because when you listen to their sets you feel so much rejoice and you feel proud they are Moroccan. I missed the performance of other moroccan DJs but I’m sure I will witness them play and discover their styles.

I will never forget Nicolas Jaar, I almost cried because there are so many emotions in his sets. 

I will not forget the performance of Jeremy Underground, Henrick Schwarz, Giorgia Angiuli, Anja Schneider, Young Marco, Richie Hawtin, Auntie Flo, Move D….I could talk about each DJ I watched perform but I am sure some may still be reading this post, others would have already left and if one person is still reading, that’s enough for me.

To finish up, I would like to thank the organizers of this festival (Hi if you happen to read this article). I spent 4 amazing days listening to music, meeting new people, feel nothing but love & great vibes althought I couldn’t feel my feet & was lacking sleep.

If I wrote this article and made this video, it is only to let you know more about me & share great vibes with you, the editing of the video is basic, nothing too crazy, my skills are limited. I minimized my talking because if I start I will never stop & the video would be so long! Also I couldn’t take videos of all the DJs because after all, I was there to enjoy music & not be checking my phone every sec. I made a vlog and excuse me in advance for the filming, couldn’t help but not dance to some tracks :p

Enjoy the video 😉

ps: Btw guys, we have been chosen as one of the Moroccan bloggers to know on, read more about it here!

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