Pastel Flare Top

LOOKBOOK May 3, 2017 3 Comments

Hello dear readers, long time no see! Last time, I told you I had some exciting things coming. Well, I said yes and I’m officially engaged 😀 The last month was really hectic between work and preparing my engagement party. It went well alhamdulillah, now looking up for the next chapter of my life.

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SVR Sun Secure Range

BEAUTY April 24, 2017 2 Comments

Hi guys, it’s been a while since we last posted an article on the blog but if you follow us on Social Media, you know we have been busy with some exciting stuff. However, we’re more active on Instagram (@skinnyjeaansblog) and on Snapchat (@skinnyjeaans) so you might want to follow us there.

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How Ducray Melascreen saved my skin?

BEAUTY April 6, 2017 0 Comments

Hello guys, I hope you’re all doing alright. Today’s post is about a skincare product I have been using for about a month ago. I will be reviewing the Ducray Melascreen anti-spot treatment. It’s a product that helped me a lot with what I have been going through with my skin lately and I wanted to share that with you (this is not sponsored).

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Drugstore Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

BEAUTY March 30, 2017 4 Comments

Nowadays, every girl is addicted to matte liquid lipsticks, everyone is looking for the perfect one and brands innovate everyday and create textures that stay all day. Lipstick addicts we are, we surfed on this wave and tried a few affordable and drugstore lipsticks throughout the year and we wanted to share our honest opinions with you guys. It might help you if you’re planning to get one of the lipsticks featured in this blog post. The reviews will be full of details so stay with us until the end.

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