SVR Sun Secure Range

SVR Sun Secure Range

Hi guys, it’s been a while since we last posted an article on the blog but if you follow us on Social Media, you know we have been busy with some exciting stuff. However, we’re more active on Instagram (@skinnyjeaansblog) and on Snapchat (@skinnyjeaans) so you might want to follow us there.

Today’s post is a review about the Sun Secure range we received from Laboratoire SVR Maroc a few weeks ago. We received a box full of products from the range in question and some of the Sebiaclear range, one of their best selling ones and a range designed for acne prone skin. We unboxed everything on Snapchat 😉

The Sun Secure products are a bunch of sun screens for all skin types so anyone of you will find its match. You can find fluid or mousse textures as well as cream ones. Their SPF is mainly 50 and some of the products go over that.

Only 2 sun screens were tested so far because they fit my (Malika) and Hanae’s skin type so we’ll only review that. However we took pictures of all the range so you can see it and get a clear idea about it.

SVR Sun Secure Optical Blur Mousse Cream SPF 50:

I (Malika) was the first one of my sisters to try this product. I have oily and acne pron skin as you may know by now, sun screen is a must for me and this blur mousse is designed for that. The first time I tried it, I was impressed by the moussy texture and the dry finish and it blur my face in an amazing way I can’t desribe. I applied my make-up and then I noticed that my bronzer got patchy so you have to be careful with that. Days after, I kept using it everyday and it really became my favorite, it even dethroned the Heliocare one. Overall, I think this is a great sun screen for spring and summer 😀

SVR Tinted Mineral Comfort Cream Sun Screen SPF +50:

Now this one was tested by Hanae because she has dry skin. I asked her about her opinion and she said she stopped using it because the color did not really match her skin color although they told me this was a universal color, meaning white and brown girls can use it. Days later, I decided to give it a try and I had the same opinion as my sister so this sun screen is more suitable for white girls. The texture is creamy and it’s hydrating enough. The application however is very hard, it’s not enough liquidy to melt in the skin within like one or two minutes.

The other sunscreens are designed for skins that are hypersensitive to sun and are water resistant so I think they would be perfect for summer days before and after swimming. I’ll surely give them a try. Also, I have no idea about the price range and I know I promised our Snapchat followers that I would visit parapharmacies and ask about the prices but I haven’t had time. I am sure they won’t be expensive, I’ll say between 120 and 200 MAD maybe.

That’s it for this review, I know so many of you were waiting for it so here it is. Enjoy and I hope it was helpful 😀

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  • Moonylicious June 13, 2017 12:28 pm

    I have the orange one! It’s great for oily skin 😉

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